Smile Savings Plan

At Danville Family Dentistry, you can expect care that makes you feel right at home. Let the Danville Family Dentistry Smile Saving Plan keep you in the best of dental health.

Are you interested in finding a way to maintain your dental health and your family’s dental care without the use of dental insurance? At Danville Family Dentistry we are happy to now offer our Smile Savings Plan for members of our patient family that qualify.

With the Danville Family Dentistry Smile Savings Plan, you simply pay an annual fee in lieu of dental insurance and by doing so you are able to receive a set amount of dental services for one year.


What’s Included in Your Plan?

  • Two professional cleanings
  • Two professional oral evaluations
  • Routinely Scheduled Radiographs
  • 15% off any other dental care provided in our office.


The Details

The Danville Family Dentistry Smile Savings Plan is not an insurance program. It is a patient-courtesy program for those without dental insurance. To qualify for this unique program, all treatment must be paid by cash, check or credit card prior to commencing treatment.

The program is effective for 365 days beginning on the date that the membership fee is paid. Ask a Danville Family Dentistry team member for more details about this program.


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