Dental radiographs, often called x-rays, are an important part of your dental care.  They provide the dentist with a more complete view of what is happening to your teeth and bone.  In fact, your dentist is looking for many things in this little picture including tooth decay, bone diseases like periodontal disease, infections, and some types of tumors. Even the development of adult teeth is may also be seen in radiographs of children.
Patients require certain radiographs on a regular basis so that their dental condition can be monitored properly. Your dentist will decide exactly how often this is necessary according to your medical and dental history along with your current condition.
Are dental radiographs safe? Dental radiographs have minimal radiation exposure. However, digital radiographs incorporate technology that minimizes this exposure even more — and our office uses this digital technology for the safety and convenience of our patients. (It can reduce the already minimal exposure by 50-80%!) Each patient will still be covered with a lead-lined apron. If the apron does not extend up to the neck, a separate neck protector, called a thyroid collar, may also be used.
As always, your health is of utmost importance to us. We look forward to serving your dental needs!