When you open your mouth and say, “Awww,” at your family physician’s office, you’re likely being examined for a sore throat or swollen tonsils. But did you know that other physical ailments can be discovered simply by examining the inside of your mouth? It’s true. Your oral health can offer clues about your general health.
At Danville Family Dentistry, we’re in the know about all things related to your teeth and gums. We are committed to providing our Hendricks County families with preventative dental care for better oral health. Because of our mission, your smile can be enhanced, and your digestive health can remain intact. But also, by visiting our Hendricks County office every six months, you are much more likely to keep all of your teeth as you age.
While we know about oral health and practice all things related to professional dental care, we are well aware that the mysteries in the human mouth can point to other healthcare issues:

  • Do you have crumbling or cracked teeth? This problem can be directly related to acid reflux and eating disorders. When stomach acid wears away the enamel on the surface of your teeth, your teeth weaken, allowing crumbling and cracking to occur if this condition is left untreated.
  • Do you have a mouth wound that won’t heal? Most of the time, if you bite your tongue or the soft issue inside your cheek, the troublesome area heals within a week or two. But if healing seems stubborn, there could be a lot more to worry about. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 30,000 people are affected each year by oral cancer.
  • Do you see gum tissue covering a tooth or more than one tooth?  Of course, this is not a normal occurrence. The teeth are rooted in the gums with tissue remaining on the gum line. So if you discover this problem, chances are good that the doses of your prescribed medications might need changes. So contact your family doctor.
  • Are you a denture wearer, dealing with a crusty film on your dentures?  If you thoroughly clean your dentures daily but experience this issue, it could be the symptom of aspiration pneumonia. So contact your family physician for a checkup.

So remember to take care of your oral health because it’s closely tied to your overall health. Contact Danville Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment to come into our Hendricks County office for a checkup.