How Does Dry Mouth Affect Your Teeth and Oral Health?

Do you constantly feel like your mouth is full of cotton balls? Then you may be experiencing dry mouth. It's not only annoying, but dry mouth affects your overall oral health and even your teeth. Dry mouth can not only contribute to tooth decay, but it can even speed...

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What to do About Broken or Chipped Teeth

Broken or chipped teeth are one of the most common reasons people see a dentist. Chipped or cracked teeth don't just happen from getting into a fight, either. Here are just some ways a tooth could be damaged: Teeth grinding, especially while sleeping Eating something...

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What You Need to Know About Losing Baby Teeth

Children typically lose their baby teeth between five and seven years. Thankfully it's not a painful progression, but it's a good idea to prepare children for this big event. By explaining the process, your child will likely be more comfortable with losing a tooth if...

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4 Tips to Keeping Your Mouth Healthy for Kissing

You might realize that your dentist is an important partner when it comes to creating and keeping a mouth that is highly kissable. Although everyone worries about bad breath, that should not be your first concern. Nope. Make sure your mouth is in great shape – as well...

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Are You Dealing with Sensitive Teeth?

Do you dread eating certain cold or hot foods because of sensitive teeth? You aren’t alone. Many people experience some degree of tooth sensitivity. Be aware that just avoiding foods that trigger the sensitivity may not be enough. There are steps you can take to...

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