How Nausea and Oral Health are Related

It might be weird to think that when we're nauseated, we also have to think about our oral health. It's no secret that when we're ill or pregnant, the last thing you're thinking about is oral hygiene. However, you should pay more attention to yourmouth than usual when...

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10 Tips for Better Oral Health

No matter how diligent you are with your oral health, there is always room for improvement. After all, a smile is as important as a polite handshake. A healthy mouth with fresh breath shows the world that you care about presenting your best self to the world. Here are...

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What Your Tongue Says About You

Dentists don't just care for your teeth and gums. We also protect your tongue. It does so much more than help you taste and chew. Your tongue says a lot about your health. It's a fundamental part of the digestion process. Your tongue can give us clues about general...

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What You Need to Know About Permanent Teeth

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passage for every human. But what do you need to know about permanent teeth? Most children will begin losing their baby teeth around five or six years old. We usually have 20 baby teeth, but as we age, we can have up to 32 permanent...

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Gum Disease and the Cancer Link

We all know we need to take good care of our oral health and pearly whites. Gum disease can be dangerous, and now studies suggest that there might be a connection between gum disease and some cancers. Results indicated that those who suffered from gum disease were 14...

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What Causes Cavities (and How to Avoid Getting Them)?

You probably first heard the word cavities before you even lost your baby teeth. Dental cavities affect everyone from children to mature adults. Of course, by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, you have a good chance of preventing the development of cavities....

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