Do You Know What to do in a Dental Emergency? Part One

A dental emergency requires instant action to avoid further complications and distress. Do you know what to do in a dental emergency? What is a Dental Emergency? A dental emergency is an event that requires immediate action, usually when we are the most unprepared. In...

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Is Thumb Sucking Really That Bad?

Despite appearing to be a trivial issue, it is common for parents to come into our office worried about their children's habit of sucking their thumbs or a pacifier. It is actually a myth that thumb sucking and overuse of a pacifier won't do any long-term harm. In...

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Diabetes and Dental Care

If you have diabetes, the unfortunate fact is that you are more prone to gum disease. Gum disease, also called periodontitis, is an infection that affects your gums. The infection targets the bone and soft tissue that supports your teeth. A membrane made of bacterial...

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Receding Gums: When Should You Worry?

Receding gums are a problem shared by many. If you've ever heard someone use the phrase "long in the tooth," you might be surprised to know that it originated with receding gumlines. Long in the tooth refers to someone being older. This is because a tooth looks longer...

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The Benefits of Keeping Your Teeth as You Age

Aging and oral health don’t have a great relationship with one another. As we grow older, we’re bound to face issues caused by aging. While some might avoid the fatigue, arthritis, and memory loss associated with entering seniority, very few of us can avoid dental...

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Are Your Kids Afraid of the Dentist?

Do you have kids who fight tooth (pun intended) and nail when it comes to scheduling a dentist appointment? We understand, which is why at Danville Dentistry, our team offers the highest level of comfort and care to our smallest patients. First, let's understand why...

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